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Apple Lisa Screen Kit has a pixel density of:

A.K.A. Apple Lisa Monitor
Released: 1983

Resolution: 640×480 12″ display

Video Graphics Array (VGA) 640×480, 4:3 aspect ratio

Totaling 0.31mp (megapixels) and having a PPI of 66.67

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Apple Lisa
Apple Lisa.jpgApple Lisa, with an Apple ProFile external hard disk sitting atop it, and dual 5.25-inch “Twiggy” floppy drives
Also known as Locally Integrated Software Architecture
Developer Apple Computer Inc.
Manufacturer Apple Computer Inc.
Type Personal computer
Release date January 19, 1983; 35 years ago (1983-01-19)
Introductory price US$9,995 (1983)
US$ 24,600 (2017 equivalent)
Discontinued August 1986 (1986-08)
Units sold 100,000[1]
Operating system Lisa OS, Xenix
CPU Motorola 68000 @ 5 MHz
Predecessor Apple II Plus
Apple III
Successor Macintosh XL

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