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Nintendo Game Boy Color has a pixel density of:

Released: 1998

Resolution: 160×144 2.32″ display

Totaling 0.02mp (megapixels) and having a PPI of 92.78

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Game Boy Color
Game Boy Color logo.svg
Atomic Purple version of the Game Boy Color
Manufacturer Nintendo
Product family Game Boy line
Type Handheld game console
Generation Fifth generation
Release date

JP: October 21, 1998
NA: November 18, 1998
PAL: November 23, 1998
AU: November 27, 1998

Retail availability 1998–2003
Discontinued 2003
Units sold Worldwide: 118.69 million,[1] including Game Boy units[2]
Media ROM cartridge
CPU Sharp LR35902 core @ 4.19/8.38 MHz
Display LCD 160 x 144 pixels, 44×40 mm[3]
Online services Mobile System GB[4]
Best-selling game Pokémon Gold and Silver, approximately 14.51 million combined (in Japan and the USA) (details).[5][6]
Game Boy
Predecessor Game Boy[7]
Successor Game Boy Advance[7]

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